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Advanced LED Lighting Technology Bring Benefits to Horticultural Industry

Advanced LED Lighting Technology Bring Benefits to Horticultural Industry


ams OSRAM, a leading provider of advanced lighting solutions, has recently unveiled its latest horticulture innovation: the Enhanced 640 nm Red addition to the OSLON® Optimal horticultural LED Series. This new addition aims to revolutionize the way plants are grown under artificial lighting by providing a broader spectral coverage for better growth and development.

The OSLON® Optimal Red addresses common challenges faced by growers, such as fungal and bacterial infections, as well as the issue of bleaching of plants. By incorporating the Enhanced 640 nm Red, this LED offers a solution to these problems, ensuring healthier and more vibrant plants.

In addition to its ability to combat plant diseases, the OSLON® Optimal Red also boasts outstanding efficacy and robust performance, specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of greenhouse and indoor farming applications. This makes it an ideal choice for professional growers who want to ensure the highest quality and yield of their crops.

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Golden Sun, a prominent manufacturer of plant growth lights with over 17 years of industry experience, is likewise working to improve plant growth under artificial lighting by providing first-class quality and promoting healthy and vigorous plant growth.

Golden Sun's plant growth lights are specifically designed to mimic natural sunlight, providing the necessary light spectrum for optimal plant development. With their cutting-edge technology and advanced features, Golden Sun's lights ensure that plants receive the right amount and quality of light for stronger and more productive crops.

Both ams OSRAM's OSLON® Optimal Red and Golden Sun's plant growth lights offer immense benefits to growers. The OSLON® Optimal Red provides a broader spectral coverage and addresses common plant issues, resulting in healthier and better-performing crops. Similarly, Golden Sun's lights guarantee optimal plant growth, providing the necessary light spectrum that mimics natural sunlight.

By incorporating these innovative lighting solutions into their operations, growers can significantly enhance the growth, yield, and quality of their crops. Both in greenhouses and indoor farming environments, Golden Sun's advanced lighting technology provides the most cost-effective plant growth lights in the horticultural industry.

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