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LED bulb to create a perfect light quality for every event. From romantic light for a cozy day to bright light for light up special items. LED bulbs offer what what you are searching for. LED light is flicker free and has a high color rendering index which ensures that objects are seen in their true, organic colours.

LED bulbs can be replaced the power hungry halogen and incandescent bulbs typically spread throughout your boat and cars , chandelier, Indicating for household appliances etc.

Led corn bulb is one of Golden Sun Optoelectronic's multiple product series. Golden Sun Optoelectronic carries out strict quality monitoring and cost control on each production link of LED Bulb light, from raw material purchase, production and processing and finished product delivery to packaging and transportation. We produce our LEDs for persuing the quality, brightness, colour, value for money and suitability as a halogen or incandescent replacement.



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