LED Track Light

LED track lights are generally used as the specific spotlight. Generally in commercial usage, such as shopping malls (clothing stores, furniture stores and other brand stores), car display, jewelry, star hotels, brand clothing, high-end clubs, museums, chain stores, brand business hall, professional shop windows, counters and other key lighting places.


Our LED track light takes LED(COB/SMD) as the light source. LED light source is cold light source without radiation and heavy metal pollution.  It has pure color, high luminous efficiency and low frequency flash.  It is a kind of  environmentally-friendly energy-efficient and healthful product.


Ordinary metal halide track lights use metal halide lamps as the light source. The luminous principle of metal halide lamps is that the heavy metal element mercury reacts with the two electrodes after gasification to produce light, which has great heat and radiation. Besides, it must be carefully handled after being damaged, or it may pollute the environment (mercury is heavy metal element, which is harmful to human health).


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